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ashli avalon

Sales and Marketing Strategist

and Target Marketing Expert

Ashli Avalon has studied the works of Dale Carnegie for over 20 years and uses his teachings in her business helping her clients to build trust with their prospects. As a social media marketing expert, Ashli Avalon has helped her clients generate over 6 million in sales in 2017 though LinkedIn.

She is the best-selling author of “ A Blonde’s Guide To Be A Better Marketer: For Authors Only,” and she created and managed a social media campaign that raised over $30M in crowdfunding.

Ashli Avalon is a Sales and Marketing Strategist and Target Marketing Expert. She helps businesses get clear on who their target market is and how to market to them. Ashli uses psychological analysis to analyze the thoughts and emotions of the target market so her clients can create advertising campaigns and content that get results.

She helps her clients find their target market on and off-line and aids them in marketing to them in a way that helps build a relationship turning their potential clients into brand evangelists.

sarah thompson

Trusted Business Advisor

Sarah Thompson knows a whole lot about business, she has 22 years of experience focused in Corporate Finance and Operations, with early-stage, turnaround and high growth companies. She put herself through college and earned an MBA, while working full-time, at the age of 26.

Seven years ago, she found herself unemployed, $85,000 in debt, starting a business that was barely making enough to cover expenses, and with nothing in savings. Getting out of that mess required a lot of work on her mindset about money, about her business, and about herself.

Fast forward to today and she has paid off the debt, saved a 20% down payment and used it to purchase a home, and has a thriving business doing work that she loves. Through her business WriteYourOwnPaycheck.club Sarah shows entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs how to specialize, become known for their speciality, and create products/services around their speciality.

She helps clients build a strong foundation focused on:

  1. Recurring revenue models
  2. Long-term referral relationships
  3. Scaling through reinvestment in improving systems and building highly effective teams.

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